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FleetSmart: "Fuel Management 101" Workshop

Every year, there is increasing emphasis on improving the environment. Likewise, organizations that have fleets are working to reduce their fuel consumption and harmful vehicle emissions.

To help these organizations identify energy-efficient solutions, Natural Resources Canada's FleetSmart training offers a "Fuel Management 101" workshop. This workshop is designed to help fleet managers prepare a fuel management plan for their company, utility or municipal fleet, implement the plan, and measure and monitor its success.

The workshop consists of four sections:

  • why you should have an fuel management plan
  • how to make a plan
  • how to benchmark your fleet
  • how to sell your plan to management, implement your plan, analyse the results and chart a future direction

Benefits of a Fuel Management Plan

Why do you need a fuel management plan? Have you been asked any of these questions?

  • We need a baseline of the fuel usage for our fleet. How do we do that?
  • How can we make our fleet more fuel efficient?
  • How can we cut our fleet operating costs while reducing the impact on the environment?

This one-day workshop will help you answer these questions. You will leave with many tips, ideas and a template for creating a fuel management plan for your fleet.

Whether you manage a municipal fleet, taxi fleet or trucking or courier company, you'll find valuable information for your organization.