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A checklist of what you can do to organize an idle-free campaign

Learn more about why reduce your fuel use and think about whether vehicle idling is a concern at your workplace. Implement measures to discourage idling if it is occurring on your premises. Our idle-free campaign resources have some workplace-based tools to get you started.

If your business or industry has a fleet of vehicles‚ save money on fuel by implementing measures to reduce idling among your drivers. You can visit FleetSmart for more ideas on idling reduction and fuel efficiency measures among your fleets.

Work collaboratively with other non-government and government organizations to determine what mix of idle-free initiatives will work best in your workplace (eg. voluntary‚ policy-driven‚ or a combination of both). Tell your staff about this Web site; offers them the information and tools they will need to get started.

Consider providing funding or in-kind support to organizations that are starting idle-free campaigns or projects in your community.