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You Can Make a Difference!

When it comes to idling, one person can make a difference. You can reduce your own idling time or you can take action to raise awareness at your children's school, at local shopping malls or at other community venues. Here are some simple suggestions to help you reduce idling in your neighbourhood.

Learn more about the problem. Visit Why reduce our fuel use for more information on idling in Canada.

Make a personal commitment to reduce idling. Download a copy of Natural Resources Canada's Personal Five-Step Action Plan and use it as a daily reminder of your commitment.

Spread the word about unnecessary idling to family, friends, neighbours, co-workers, classmates and others in your community. Visit Campaign Resources for helpful information and resources.

Contact local school trustees and ask them to explore opportunities for idling campaigns at schools. Refer them to this Web site, which includes a special section on school-based campaigns.

Recommend an idling campaign to your community association or other group. Volunteer to get involved – maybe even lead the campaign yourself.

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