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CPPI Idling Project
Gas Station Intervention Script

Hello. My name is ___________, and I’m working with Natural Resources Canada on a project to reduce vehicle idling. Would you have a few moments for me to tell you about the project, and to share some of the benefits of not idling?

You can use energy more wisely and help improve air quality by turning off your engine when your vehicle is parked: [refer to information card]

  1. You can save money because idling your vehicle for 10 minutes a day uses up more than 100 litres of gasoline in a year.
  2. You can breathe easier because you won’t have to breathe in exhaust fumes from a vehicle that is going nowhere.
  3. You can spare the air to combat problems like smog and climate change; we all need to use energy more wisely.
  4. Idling for over 10 seconds uses more fuel than restarting your engine.

We have these information cards that explain how turning off your engine can save you money, help you breathe easier and spare the air. They also tell you what you can do to help reduce idling. Would you like one?

We’re also asking people to make a commitment to turn off their engine when they’re parked for 10 seconds or longer, by placing this sticker in their window. The sticker is a reminder to you, and also tells others of your commitment.

The sticker is reusable, and won’t damage your window.

Would you be able to make such a commitment, and to place this sticker in your personal vehicle? [offer to place sticker on windshield]

We also have an "Idling gets you nowhere" air freshener for you.

Thank-you and have a nice day