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EnerGuide label

When shopping for a new vehicle, don't forget to look for the EnerGuide label for vehicles found on all new passenger cars, light-duty vans, pickup trucks and special purpose vehicles not exceeding a gross vehicle weight of 3855 kg (8500 lb). The label shows the city and highway fuel consumption ratings and an estimated annual fuel cost for that particular vehicle. Use this information to compare different vehicles.

The label has a standardized design and can be affixed to the vehicle alone or as part of the vehicle options and price label. In either case, the label's fuel pump logo makes it easy to find.

For more information on how these estimates are obtained, visit our "About the testing and the ratings" section.
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EnerGuide labels are intended to remain on new vehicles until they are sold. If a vehicle has no label, ask the dealer to see a copy or to show you the fuel consumption ratings for that vehicle in the Fuel Consumption Guide, or ask for the manufacturer's approved fuel consumption rating for the vehicle.