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Purchasing a Fuel-Efficient Vehicle

We develop a number of tools to ensure that you can make an informed decision in order to purchase the most fuel-efficient vehicle that meets your every day needs.

  • The most fuel-efficient vehicles
    The annual ecoENERGY for Vehicles Awards are presented by Natural Resources Canada's Office of Energy Efficiency for the most fuel-efficient vehicles sold in Canada.

  • The EnerGuide label
    When shopping for a new vehicle, don't forget to look for the EnerGuide label found on all new light-duty vehicles sold in Canada.

  • Tips on buying a vehicle
    What to consider when shopping for a fuel-efficient vehicle.

  • Fuel Consumption Ratings
    Compare the fuel efficiency of different makes and models in the Compare Vehicles web tool.

  • Compare Vehicles
    Use this tool to select and compare different makes and models and rank the fuel efficiency of vehicles sold in Canada.

Canada Revenue Agency Excise Tax (Green Levy)

For information on the Excise Tax on Fuel Inefficient Vehicles, contact: