The General Idling Impact Calculator

Calculate the impact of idling in your community, province/territory, and beyond!

Surveys show many Canadians idle on average 6-8 minutes per day. This interactive calculator will help you determine how much fuel, GHG emissions and money you will save by cutting back on vehicle idling. The final idling results for each community are based on the average cost of fuel per litre (either user-provided or the default value), and the average engine size of all light-duty vehicles in each community (Source: DesRosier Automotive Consultants, 2004).

Idling Calculator Keychain

Simply select the level of information you require and the number of minutes per day that you think is reasonable for motorists to avoid idling. The calculator shows you the potential emissions, fuel reduction, and dollar savings that you can achieve!


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Region Information


Surveys show many Canadians idle on average 6-8 minutes per day. If idling times differ in your community, please select a time ranging from 1 to 10 minutes. This will be used to calculate the impacts of idling across the selected location.


The average cost of fuel for the selected location is provided. If you would like to use another average fuel cost to calculate the idling impact, please enter it below.


Preferred results for indicating the impact of idling

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